2020 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Josh Jones, OT, Houston

Photo: Tim Warner, Getty


Height: 6050

Weight: 319

Class: Redshirt Senior

D.O.B: June 21, 1997 (Age: 22)


ArmsHandsWingspan40-YDBPVJBJ3-Cone20-YD Shuttle60-YD Shuttle
Combine33 7/810 1/879 7/85.272428.5109.0N/AN/AN/A
Pro Day
Strengths: Jones has the size that is highly coveted by NFL teams. Fits the Kolton Miller paradigm of a high-upside athletic, behemoth of an offensive tackle. Has a very low and deep stance, he manages to get very close to the ground in his stance, this allows him to explode out of his stance. Moves absurdly fluid for someone of his size, this is shown with his kickslide on shorter sets. His footwork on 3-step drops is consistent, he gets to his landmarks quickly and is generally well balanced. Has strength that you would desire from someone of his size - he anchors well against power and can blow D-lineman off the ball in the run game. Jones gets his hands up quickly in pass protection, which allows him to be ready to strike on shorter sets. Jones has just ridiculous grip strength, this accompanied with his speed and length allows him to choke off rush angles with ease. Very effective when he is allowed to generate momentum and power on pulls in the run game. Buries defenders into the ground with frequency. When he gets his kickslide right, it looks very smooth and it’s something that should be looked to be done with more consistency. His athleticism makes him a Tackle who could be utilised in a zone scheme where he can get the chance to climb to the second level.
Weaknesses: Jones pops up right out of his stance. It’s not easy to maintain leverage as a 6’7" behemoth, but Jones plays with almost no knee bend. He can also get into his pass set too soon. Getting his hands up early in pass protection can be a double-edged sword, he leaves himself susceptible to swipe moves by firing his hands out too soon. He also has a tendency to lunge into blocks, this can leave him susceptible to push-pulls. He is too aggressive in pass protection, and will look to engage in contact too soon. Struggles to maintain leverage through contact. Can be too heavy-footed in his kick slide, especially when asked to protect for longer than three seconds. This is particularly an issue on deeper sets, where he struggles to keep his feet moving against a deeper rush arc. Stride lengths often vary wildly and this doesn’t enable him to absorb direct shots. Looks to win with his size and power, thereby neglecting desirable form. His lack of leverage hurts in the run game, he struggles to generate push that isn’t a result of his strength, this often leads to him falling off blocks.
Summary: Jones has a lot of tools that you love to see in a developmental tackle - Athleticism, strength, length, and even grip strength. But that isn’t to say his shortcomings should be overlooked. He needs complete technical overhaul, his punch timing and placement, for example, is a huge detriment to his game. With the right coaching he could be a pro-bowl caliber player, but that means him redshirting his entire rookie season.
NFL Comparison: Kolton Miller
Grade: 2nd-3rd round

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