2020 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Justin Herbert, QB, Oregon

Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images


Height: 6062

Weight: 236

Class: Senior

D.O.B: Mar. 10, 1998 (Age: 21)


ArmsHandsWingspan40-YD10-YD BPVJBJ3-Cone20-YD Shuttle60-YD Shuttle
Combine32 7/81078 7/8
Pro Day
Strengths: Desired size for the position, big, tall and strong. Drops back with some nice footwork. Shows a quick release of the ball. A generally accurate passer showing the accuracy on all levels. Throws with good anticipation. Will look to place the ball only where the receiver can get it when it gets a little congested. Very good arm talent to make a variety of throws and attack the defense. Arm strength to thread the needle with excellent velocity and get the ball through tight windows. Big arm to get the ball out on deep throws without too much hang time. Shows nice touch on deep throws and when he needs to drop the ball over or under defenders. Arm strength hardly affected when he is on the move outside the pocket or escaping. Fluid athlete. Athleticism to move away from the pass rush and extend the play. Can be a dual-threat quarterback being able to gain yards with his legs.
Weaknesses: Previous durability issues with a broken femur and broken collarbone. Questions about his mental toughness. Mostly making short throws, bootlegs and play-action and could take time to adapt to pro-style system. Doesn’t go past many of his first reads, may look to run or throw the ball away if the early reads aren’t available. Will need experience in scanning the full field and working through progressions. Due to first reads, can lock onto the receiver and stare the target down. Questionable decision making when trying to go for “hero” ball. Accuracy can diminish under pressure, base can narrow, throw off back foot or become unbalanced. Will need to do a better job of feeling the rush.
Summary: Justin Herbert possess all the tools you want to develop for your franchise quarterback; his size, athleticism and arm. We see instances where he can accurately place the ball all over the field, deliver with velocity and throw a rocket downfield. Unfortunately consistency is his worst enemy and making quick decisions hasn't favored him well on tape. Some may be concerned with the lack of growth in his senior year.
Grade: 1st-2nd round (preliminary)

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