2020 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Justin Jefferson, WR, LSU

Photo: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports


Height: 6012

Weight: 202

Class: Junior

D.O.B: June 16, 1999 (Age: 20)


ArmsHandsWingspan40-YDBPVJBJ3-Cone20-YD Shuttle60-YD Shuttle
Combine339 1/8784.43N/A37.5126.0N/AN/AN/A
Pro Day
Strengths: ​Very good height, with good AA, displaying very good body control, with good quickness, speed, agility, burst, COD, and balance. Very good mental processing to work leverage and understanding of coverages. Good releases, wins with quick feet and solid UOH with a nice body usage to avoid hands. Utilizes the squirt release well and understands how to gain positioning and leverage. Very good route running, attacks angles and understands how to get open. He creates separation, with hand usage quickness and attacking DB’s blind spots. Best on option routes and working the MOF. He is very smart and finds soft spots against zone coverages. Very good hands, can catch all over the frame while fully extended with a good catch radius. Outstanding ability to adjust and make contested catches with very good body control. Shows good tracking ability. Very good competitive toughness when the ball is in the air he goes and gets it. He is a clutch player that makes big plays in bit time situations. Good YAC, with good AA and field vision. He shows physicality after the catch despite frame and shows good elusiveness. Very willing blocker and has solid technique when blocking. Physicality is on display. Best working in the slot and he is the best slot WR in the class.
Weaknesses: ​Has a lean frame for his height. He did not face much press in college and did not have much outside work done. Needs to prove he can beat press vs bigger CB with good technique. Adequate play strength and frame are an issue here. Overall adequate blocker due to play strength and frame. He is probably only a slot WR at the next level.
Summary: ​Justin Jefferson projects to be a very good slot WR at the next level that a team can win with. He wins his AA, FBI, and technique to get open. He wins at the catch point with tracking, body control and concentration. He plays physical after the catch and runs a very good option route. He can work the MOF very well. He has a wiry frame and does not have a lot of experience playing against press man.
Grade: ​1st Round/Slot WR

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