2020 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Matt Peart, OT, UConn

Photo: Vasha Hunt-USA TODAY Sports


Weight: 318

Class: Redshirt Senior

D.O.B: – –


ArmsHandsWingspan40-YDBPVJBJ3-Cone20-YD Shuttle60-YD Shuttle
Combine36 5/89 4/886 4/85.062630.0113.08.014.92N/A
Pro Day
Strengths: Very well built; exceptionally long with 99th percentile length arms. Effective blocker when asked to move laterally. Has the athleticism to climb to the second level and take on LBs. Absolutely incredible grip strength. Movement skills are good enough to pick up twists and stunts. Very effective in sustaining blocks. Shows adequate athleticism and foot speed to be reliable on deeper sets and pushing edge rushers behind the pocket. Frequently chokes off speed rushes around the edge with his length and athleticism. When allowed to get into the open field on pulls, traps and screens he is a very good blocker in space.
Weaknesses: Peart’s feet are all over the place in his deeper kick-slides - he can be too late to turn his left foot towards the sideline, and sometimes he will drag his feet. Leverage isn’t easy to maintain at 6’7”, but he doesn’t make much of an effort to sink his hips. This lack of leverage prevents him from creating a notable amount of push in the run game. Despite having over 36 inch arms, Peart very rarely plays with full extension, instead he looks to keep rushers close into his chest, almost conceding it. A long and powerful rusher is going to bowl straight through his chest if he doesn’t change this. Hand placement is very erratic, he will often fire his hands too far inside or even too far around the shoulders. Punch timing is also inconsistent, he is frequently too late to fire his hands out, thereby allowing the rusher to get into his chest. He often got away with what could be considered to be holding in the NFL. Struggles to prevent rushers from firing into inside rush lanes. Feet are too often too narrow in the run game and he will try to just bulldoze the defensive end opposed to actually blocking them. Has a tendency to lean too heavily on his left leg which imbalances him, leaving him to then try and over-compensate in heavily distributing his weight to the right.
Summary: Peart is a very intriguing tackle who has the tools to be successful in the NFL. But he needs a lot of work in order to fully reach his potential. Nothing illustrates this notion like how he uses his arms. His arms are the third longest in Combine history but he has very little idea what to do with them; he will miss-time his punches, under-extend his arms, and fail to protect his chest. And he isn’t strong enough to concede his chest to power rushers. Peart has a lot of tools, but it is probably best if he sits out his first year to bulk up a bit and refine his technique.
Scheme fit: West Coast, Zone blocking
Round grade: 3

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