2020 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Tua Tagovailoa, QB, Alabama

Photo: Wesley Hitt/Getty Images


Height: 6000

Weight: 217

Class: Junior

D.O.B: March 2, 1998 (Age: 22)


ArmsHandsWingspan40-YDBPVJBJ3-Cone20-YD Shuttle60-YD Shuttle
Combine30 4/810 (left), 9 7/8 (right)75 2/8 N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Pro Day
Strengths: ​Solid height and weight with a lean build, displaying good overall AA, with very good foot quickness, good agility, COD, and burst, with solid balance. Displays elite mental processing, elite ability to read the whole field while quickly working through reads. Mind and football intelligence are on a different level from most prospects. Elite footwork and very good body transfer that leads to elite accuracy and timing in the short to intermediate. Elite slant and RPO thrower, throwing with great ball placement and timing. Leads the WR with elite ball placement for extra YAC. Good deep ball accuracy and will consistently lead his WR’s. Elite release, one of the quickest releases you will see. Elite ability to manipulate LB's with his eyes and body to open passing lanes. Elite pocket awareness and mobility to maneuver the pocket with an elite feel while keeping eyes down field. He does a great job of creating off-script plays. He is always looking to make a play and stays completely poised. Avoids pressure and will deliver strikes while creating passing windows with his whole body and eyes. Elite competitive, physical and mental toughness always playing at a high level and through injuries. Takes hits and makes the clutch plays when they matter. Solid arm strength overall. Outstanding off-script ability always looking to make a play and will deliver when plays break down. Good athlete in the run game, makes guys miss initially with good pocket feel and uses very good quickness to make plays. Can make solid to worst athletes miss in space. He can play in any scheme and will instantly change a franchise. He is a leader that has the intangible quality that every person follows. He makes throws on every level of the field with accuracy and timing and anticipation.
Weaknesses: ​Holds onto the ball too long and needs to work on throwing the ball away when there is nothing there. Tries to be the hero on plays that are not there. Will lose backside hook defender when trying to look him off. Has multiple picks to this defender. He really trusts his ability to manipulate with his eyes. Injury history will limit his run ability in the long-term. Won't make good athletes miss in space. Not an overly explosive athlete in the open field. The injury history is his biggest concern but if he checks out I am taking him top-5.
Summary: ​Tua Tagovailoa is a franchise changing QB that can help any team win. He can play in any scheme right away. He has some elite traits with very good footwork, release, accuracy and ability to make plays off-script. Pocket awareness will set him apart from other QB’s. Injury history is the biggest concern but any player can get injured. He is a leader that guys in the locker room would love to play for.
Grade: ​1st round/top-5 pick

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