2021 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Frank Darby, WR, Arizona State

Photo: Kent Horner/Getty Images


Height: 6’1″

Weight: 200lbs

Class: Redshirt Senior



Strengths: ​Tall, lengthy WR with a slim athletic build displaying very good AA, with outstanding explosiveness and burst, with very good quickness, balance, and body control, with good lateral agility and COD. In the pass game, Darby wins with his release game at the LOS. He shows suddenness off the line and makes it difficult for DB's to get their hands on him. He shows nuance throughout the stem, attacking leverage and using his hands to create separation. Overall he is a very good route runner especially when pushing vertically. He shows good pace variation from slowing down a lot to sudden explosiveness through his route stem. He is a deceptive manipulator in his route stem making DB’s open their hips early and getting open on curl routes. He shows good subtle hand usage to create separation. He does a good job selling routes as vertical until they are not. He is best going deep using his blazing speed and very good tracking ability. He uses his long frame and body control to make adjustments to balls that are not accurately thrown with a very good catch radius. He displays very good play making ability. He is routinely running by CB's deep with outstanding play speed and accelerates through the catch point with ease and understands to stack DB's deep. He displays good contested catch ability attacking with good hands and keeps good body positioning. He displays good RAC ability using good field vision and elusiveness to make guys miss in space.
Weaknesses: ​Darby did not receive a lot of targets and needs to prove he can be the number 1 WR this upcoming season. He can get overpowered from more physical DB's due to his play strength. He needs more targets and does not run a diverse route tree. In the run game, Darby can be used on jet sweeps on a limited basis displaying good ability with the ball in his hands. He is a long and tall player that can block once engaged. He is not the most willing and he struggles to get to the right spot when blocking.
Summary: ​Darby is going to be wide receiver 1 for Arizona State next year and can make a huge jump as a prospect with more experience. He wins with his very good AA, release game, nuanced route running and ability to track and adjust to balls deep down field. He is good with the ball in his hands. I would like to see him improve upon his play strength and run a more diverse route tree. I expect him to be a top WR prospect by the end of next year.
Grade: ​Top-10 WR prospect
- July 30, 2020

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