2021 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Jaylen Waddle, WR, Alabama

Photo: Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images


Height: 5’10”

Weight: 182lbs

Class: Junior

D.O.B: Nov. 25, 1998 (Age: 21)


Strengths: ​A big play threat WR displaying elite overall AA with elite explosiveness, quickness, agility, burst, with outstanding COD and very good body control and balance. In the pass game, Waddle's biggest impact has come from the slot. He has the speed and the ability to make plays at all levels that should allow him to play outside. He shows off his mental processing to read defenses pre-snap as he has a plan running his routes and makes post-snap adjustments. He is sudden off the line and nearly impossible to get hands on. He is a nuanced route runner that changes his pace and manipulates DB's by attacking leverage. He has strong hands and good catching technique. He tracks the ball well and shows very good timing to high-point the ball. He has the ability to adjust and make contested catches even though he is undersized. He has elite RAC ability and is a big playmaker with the ball in his hands. In the run game, Waddle shows high competitive toughness and a willingness as a blocker. He shows good technique when stalk blocking. He is physical and has good play strength to sustain his blocks. He also is good on jet sweeps and can score any time he touches the ball. He is an excellent returner and great on special teams overall. His speed is special and will make him a highly valued prospect for the 2021 NFL draft.
Weaknesses: ​He still has not had a full season of starting snaps. He does not have a ton of experience playing on the outside. He is undersized for the position and could see himself limited to the slot at the next level. I would like to see him run more of a full route tree this season.
Summary: ​Waddle is a freaky talented WR that could be a highly valued 2021 prospect with more experience next year. He has the athleticism, nuance as a route runner and the ability to win at the catch-point and most WR's do not have all three. He is a rare talent with elite speed and explosiveness. I expect him to be one of the top three WR's in the country next season. He will also make an instant impact as a returner on special teams.
Grade: ​Top-3 WR prospect for the 2021 NFL Draft
- July 16, 2020

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