2021 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Kwity Paye, EDGE, Michigan

Photo: Isaiah Hole/247Sports


Height: 6’4″

Weight: 272lbs

Class: Senior

D.O.B: Nov. 19, 1998


Strengths: ​Good height and weight with good athletic ability, with very good balance and body control with good short area quickness, agility, with solid burst and bend. Solid upfield burst with good lateral agility. He shows good mental processing to key and diagnose run and pass with good discipline. In the pass game, Paye wins with his outstanding play strength, pad level, and understanding of leverage. He shows very good bull rush potential. He shows a good pass rush repertoire using a variety of moves. He is very good at staying in his pass rushing lanes and collapsing the pocket. In the run game, Paye is nearly immovable and is a very dense player. He forces runs consistently back to the inside. He is very strong at the POA and sets the edge very well. He shows outstanding play strength and plays with very good leverage vs double teams. He shows a very good ability to two-gap and can one-gap as well. He shows good run discipline and does a very good job at taking on pulling OL to constrict run lanes. He has very good UOH and shows very good hand placement to control OL at the POA and shed them with ease. Overall he is very good vs the run. He is a good tackler and likes to get involved with very good competitive toughness. He is a very good force player on the playside. He is freaky strong.
Weaknesses: ​Paye is not overly bendy and explosive for a pass rusher. He needs more of a pass rush plan. He is not a super productive pass rusher. His upfield burst pass rushing needs some improvement as well. Not the best pursuit playing the backside.
Summary: ​Kwity Paye projects to be a starting force DE that excels on the play side. He wins with his play strength and leverage in the run and pass game. He is very good at stacking and shedding. He excels at setting the edge at the POA. He has the potential to fit a two-gapping scheme that wants players that stay in their pass rushing lanes. His best fits would be in the Patriots, Dolphins, and Lions.
Grade: ​Starting Edge/2nd Round Grade
- August 14, 2020

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