2021 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Pooka Williams Jr., RB, Kansas

Photo: AP Photo/Alonzo Adams


Height: 5’10”

Weight: 170lbs

Class: Junior



Strengths: ​He displays very good athletic ability with very good quickness, agility, COD, body control, and burst, with good balance. In the run game, Pooka Williams shows very good vision and processing to quickly make decisions and find the open holes. He has good footwork and does a good job of pressing gaps to manipulate linebackers at the 2nd level. He shows a very good feel as a runner in condensed spaces and does a good job of being elusive in those condensed spaces. He runs with a good pace as he has patience when he needs it and is decisive once the hole is there. He has the versatility to play in a zone and gap scheme. On gap runs he does his job following the pulling OL and is very good at staying tight to the OL when bursting upfield. He has a very good burst once he hits the hole and has very good agility and COD to make players miss in the open field. He has very good elusiveness and solid contact balance to break tackles and make players miss. He runs very hard and will finish with his explosiveness vs smaller guys. He has homerun speed and the ability to make big plays. In the pass game, Pooka Williams will make an instant impact here at the next level. He runs good routes out of the backfield and has the versatility to line up in the slot. He has very good hands and can make plays downfield as well. He understands how to get open and does a very good job changing his pace on his routes. LB’s cannot cover him and most safeties will struggle here as well.
Weaknesses: ​He is very small and will not be a workhorse at the next level. He struggles to finish vs LB’s and bigger safeties because of his size. He is adequate in pass pro and struggles to consistently make blocks. His technique needs work here in pass pro. Size is the biggest issue for him.
Summary: ​Pooka Williams has the potential to be a very good starter at the next level. He is very good with athleticism, vision, manipulation, and the ability to make people miss in the open field. He has the ability to make plays as a returner. He is very good out of the backfield as a receiver and has the versatility to play in any scheme. He is very comfortable in tight spots and is very creative in those situations. He uses micro movements very well and makes it tough to get a clean hit on him. He is undersized and won’t be a workhorse at the next level. He struggles in pass pro as well.
Grade: ​Very good change of pace back/Third down back.
- July 8, 2020

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