2021 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Rashod Bateman, WR, Minnesota

Photo: Aaron Lavinsky/Star Tribune via Getty Images


Height: 6’2″

Weight: 210lbs

Class: Junior

D.O.B: Nov. 29, 1999 (Age: 20)


Strengths: ​Good height and weight, with good arm length, with good athletic ability. Displaying very good balance, body control, with good burst, agility, explosiveness, COD, and quickness. Very good release vs press coverage and soft coverage. He understands how to beat CB’s and does a good job identifying coverages. He has a variety of releases and shows good versatility to play inside and outside. He shows good play strength to overpower CB’s with good subtle hands to create separation. He attacks leverage in the route stem and manipulates DB’s hips. Very good overall route runner especially for a guy his size. He shows a good burst on route breaks and is sudden in and out. He shows outstanding hands and a very good catch radius. He is very good at adjusting to passes all over his frame. He shows an elite ability to box out CB’s and keep good leverage to make contested catches with very good tracking ability at all levels of the field. He shows late hands down the field with good acceleration through the catch point. He shows very good competitive toughness and and is very good over the middle of the field. His best routes are working vertical and in-breaking. He displays very good yac ability with a natural instinct with the ball in his hands with good field vision and very good contact balance. He makes a multi-level impact and is good at every aspect of being a WR. He is an alpha type WR when the ball is in the air. He shows good blocking ability and is very willing here.
Weaknesses: ​More of a linear athlete not super explosive working laterally. On YAC plays, Bateman is not super elusive, more of a slasher type runner. When running curl routes he can get a bit lazy and does not always run his route at full speed.
Summary: ​Rashod Bateman projects as a versatile starting WR prospect that can play all WR positions. He wins with sudden releases, fluid route running to create separation, elite at the catch point with very good YAC ability. He is not the most explosive player and won’t make an impact on special teams.
Grade: ​Top-3 WR prospect
- August 19, 2020

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