2021 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Shaun Wade, CB, Ohio State

Photo: AP Photo/Rick Scuteri


Height: 6’1″

Weight: 195lbs

Class: Redshirt Junior

D.O.B: Sept. 16, 1998 (Age: 21)


Strengths: ​Good height and solid weight with a firm athletic build with good overall length. He displays good AA, with good quickness, acceleration, COD, hip fluidity, and lateral agility, with solid explosiveness. In the pass game, Wade lined up primarily in the slot for Ohio State and will play outside this upcoming year. Wade has a ton of experience playing man-to-man and playing the flat. He displays good feet to mirror and match in press-man coverage. He shows good versatility to play man on all different types of WR’s and has the size to line up on the TE. He is patient at the LOS and very physical with good play strength to redirect WR’s. He shows very good mental processing with very good route anticipation in man and zone. He has very good underneath zone awareness and shows good closing speed breaking downhill. He shows a good understanding of route concepts and works his eyes and the WR’s very well. Good overall transitional ability. He is solid playing off-man and working the catch technique. He shows good ball skills when he is coming forward and playing at the catch point. In the run game, Wade consistently fills his gap when he has one and will make TFL’s when he is blitzing. He is a very good blitzer overall and he did it quite a bit playing the slot. He is a good overall tackler. He is very willing to take on blocks in the run game. He is a very smart and physical football player that makes a lot of plays at and near the LOS. Very good competitive toughness from Wade willing to mix it up. Overall he is very sticky in man coverage and consistently stays in phase. He is a playmaker when he is around the ball, forcing fumbles and turnovers.
Weaknesses: ​Wade can struggle when facing the quicker WR’s that he struggles to get hands on and slow them down. His biggest struggle is turning and finding the ball when covering vertical routes. He could become more patient when playing man-to-man coverage. He needs to play outside next year to be a high overall draft pick.
Summary: ​Shaun Wade projects best as a versatile CB prospect that can be used as a matchup piece to play inside and outside. He is a very smart, athletic and physical football player. He consistently makes plays near the LOS and is a very consistent tackler. He struggles to turn and find the ball deep downfield. He is very good in man and zone coverage. He has the tools to be a four core ST player.
Grade: ​Top-15 player/Starting versatile CB prospect
- August 3, 2020

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