2021 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Tanner Morgan, QB, Minnesota

Photo: Minnesota Athletics


Height: 6’2″

Weight: 215

Class: Redshirt Junior

D.O.B: – –


Strengths: Morgan has extensive experience operating an RPO style offense whilst in shotgun. Keeps his eyes downfield against pressure. Shows good accuracy on the run. Has the ability to make plays happen when the designed play breaks down. Isn’t afraid to stand in the pocket in the face of pressure. Sees throwing lanes and shows good anticipation in his throws, especially on in-breaking routes. Very tough. Knows how to find soft spots in zone coverage. Identifies blitzes and how to attack them. Clean footwork. Loads his hips and drives through to generate extra velocity. Comfortable throwing off his back foot and with defenders in his face. Has an innate feel for maneuvering within the pocket; knowing when to step up, when to roll out etc. Generally accurate to all 3 levels of the field. Makes a point to set his feet to give himself a firm platform to throw off. Has a smooth throwing motion with a reasonably fast release. Throws with nice touch. Has a high comfort level with using pump fakes to move defenders out of throwing lanes.
Weaknesses: Modest arm talent — doesn’t possess the arm strength to push the ball down the field. Has a bad habit of forcing passes into traffic and making his receivers take an unnecessary hit. Has a tendency to be slightly high in his ball placement. Needs to get better at holding defenders with his eyes and not staring down his target. Sometimes doesn’t seem to understand that the throw is not on and will try and force a throw in there anyway. Has a tendency to float balls out to the sideline. Fumbled 14 times in 22 games.
Summary: Morgan is a very solid QB that I hope to see progress in his second full year at Minnesota. Whilst not having the most impressive physical tools, Morgan understands how to maximise them. But this really limits his ceiling to a QB who is never going to be able to transcend the offensive conditions which surround him. However he does have some things to clean up, namely his forcing of passes into windows that either aren’t yet there, or not there at all. But there are very encouraging signs in his game; his touch is superb, he’s accurate, and throws with tremendous anticipation.
Preliminary Round Grade: 3rd
NFL Comp: Daniel Jones
Ideal Scheme Fit: West Coast
- July 15, 2020

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