2021 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Trevon Moehrig, S, TCU

Photo: Sue Ogrocki / AP


Height: 6’2″

Weight: 208

Class: Junior

D.O.B: June 16, 1999 (Age: 21)


Strengths: ​He has very good height and solid weight with a slim athletic build. He displays good overall athletic ability with very good quickness and agility with good COD, balance, burst, and body control. In the pass game, Moehrig is at his most effective in coverage. He has the versatility to play deep safety in the MOF, two high, and to play in the slot. He shows very good mental processing and understanding of route concepts. He reacts very quickly to WR's movements and has very good route recognition. Good man-to-man ability. He can man up slot WR's and TE's maintaining good positioning. He is a very instinctive safety that makes very good pre-snap reads to put himself in very good positioning. Makes good transitions and uses his body well to play catch man. He has good closing speed coming downhill. Very good zone coverage ability. He is best in two-high and has a very good understanding of spacing and maintains good eye discipline. Constantly disrupts throwing lanes playing c2 and c4. He is a traditional safety that consistently does his job playing cover 2, cover 4 and combo coverages. Outstanding ball skills, as he excels at tracking and timing. He has outstanding communication pre and post snap. He has good overall range. In the run game, he keys and diagnoses run very quickly. He shows solid ability overall vs the run. He will fill his gap when he has one. Does a solid job of running the alley.
Weaknesses: ​He does not have a ton of versatility. He needs more experience playing single high and getting sideline-to-sideline. He tends to bite on DBL moves as he gets over aggressive and can guess a bit too much. He struggles to disengage blocks. He struggles to consistently make tackles, especially in the second level and in the open field. He does not have a ton of experience playing in the box either. Biggest issues came covering Devin Duvernay in the slot.
Summary: ​Moehrig best fits as a starting free safety playing in c2 and c4. He is best in coverage playing with good overall athleticism with very good FBI/Instincts. He makes plays by being in very good position and has outstanding ball skills. He is a very good special teams player and will make an impact there immediately. With another year under his belt he could become a first round pick with more experience in the box and single high. His ability to take on blocks and disengage them in the box is his biggest weakness.
Grade: ​Starting two-high safety
- July 10, 2020

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