Surprises of Night One of the 2020 NFL Draft

We all knew Joe Burrow was going number one, we all knew Chase Young was going number two, and many people thought Okudah would be the pick at three. But there were many surprises on night one of the 2020 NFL Draft.


Pick 4: New York Giants – Andrew Thomas, OT, Georgia

This pick was a surprise for many people who thought Thomas would be the 4th offensive tackle off the board. But there is nothing conventional or consensus about Dave Gettleman. I do actually like this pick; Thomas is a surefire starter for the Giants who can be plugged in day 1 to protect Daniel Jones.

Thomas doesn’t have the upside of Wills, Becton or Wirfs, but he might have a higher floor than any of them which is undoubtedly what Dave Gettleman wanted inside the top five.


Pick 9: Jacksonville Jaguars – C.J. Henderson, CB, Florida

I am pretty clearly not the biggest C.J. Henderson fan, I worry about how raw he is, and his refusal to tackle. But I understand his upside comes through his athleticism, something that could justify a pick at the end of round 1.

But inside the top-10? No, I did not like Henderson enough to go this high, not even close. If the Jags really wanted a cornerback, they could’ve sent picks 9 and 20 to Detroit to go up to number 3 and get Jeff Okudah, or they could’ve traded down to accumulate more picks and take a better cornerback (or even still Henderson) in the middle of round one.


Pick 17: Dallas Cowboys – CeeDee Lamb, WR, Oklahoma

I don’t understand how the best wide receiver in this class fell all the way down to pick 17, but Jerry Jones must have been falling all over himself to get the pick in. Lamb might not have filled the most pressing need for the Cowboys, but when you have the opportunity to pair up Amari Cooper with CeeDee Lamb, you take it. 


Pick 19: Las Vegas Raiders – Damon Arnette, CB, Ohio State

I like Arnette more than most, I really like his physicality in man coverage, but what I really don’t like is him being picked inside the top-20. He was my 39th ranked player, and I could’ve justified him being picked at the back end of the first round with all of the good cornerbacks gone. But to go at pick 19 with Kristian Fulton and Jeff Gladney still on the board is certainly not a pick I would’ve made.


Pick 26: Green Bay Packers – Jordan Love, QB, Utah State

I feel right now as I imagine the Patrick Mahomes truthers did after he ended up in Kansas City in 2017. Neither Love or Mahomes should’ve been day-1 starters, and thankfully none of them will be.

Mahomes got the chance to sit behind a quarterback drafted in 2005 where he could iron out some kinks to harness his transcendent talent. Now Love gets the chance to sit behind a quarterback drafted in 2005 where he can sit and learn to iron out some kinks to harness his transcendent talent.

I don’t know exactly how this helps the Packers win now, in fact it doesn’t, but it gives the Packers a chance to have three full-time starting quarterbacks from 1992 to perhaps 2035. 


Pick 27: Seattle Seahawks – Jordyn Brooks, LB, Texas Tech

I have only one word to describe this pick: Oof


Pick 30: Miami Dolphins – Noah Igbinoghene, CB, Auburn

I like Igbinoghene quite a bit, I don’t think 30 is a bad landing spot for him. Sure, I would’ve taken Kristian Fulton over him. But the value isn’t what surprises me with this pick, it’s the position.

Miami threw $82.5 million at Byron Jones this offseason and Xavien Howard signed a deal worth over $75 million last offseason. I’m not sure if Miami is planning on playing Igbinoghene in the slot and planning on having the best cornerback trio in history, but that doesn’t seem like what’s going on. Perhaps the plan is to play Igbinoghene in the slot for his first year while they keep an eye on Xavien Howard who recently faced a domestic abuse charge and has battled some injuries.

Igbinoghene might end up starting on the boundary if the Dolphins ship off Howard. But that’s a questionable first round strategy.


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